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The past 4 weeks has been an amazing journey. That first workout made me super tired and I could barely talk when I got done. But, Since that video I did the challenge every single day. I did it at home, I did it at work in our open areas, I did it in parking lots if I wasn’t near the house, I even did it in the practice areas when I was out at the golf course.

I completed the daily challenge no matter where I was at and what I was doing. Truth be told, it really wasn’t that difficult to stick with it because I was able to take my Orange Whip with me in my Jeep so I always had access to it. I didn’t complete every workout with the Power Peel, but most of them were at home where I was able to use the Whip and the Peel together. I found the workouts to be more effective that way.

If you’re looking to start the challenge yourself, or if you want to join me in the next one, get the Orange Whip, the Orange Peel OR BOTH so that you can start your own journey. I feel really accomplished now that it’s done because my lower back opened up for me, I got some cardiovascular work out of it and I improved my sequencing which was a big problem I had with my driver. So that’s key for me.

As an Added bonus, I gained 5 miles per hour of club head speed, which is pretty significant for me because I had kind of given up on the quest for distance because of my back injuries. All in all, the Orange Whip 30 Day Challenge was a huge win for me and I’ll be continuing to use it and learning all of the ways that it can be employed to help me with my swing. I’m thinking of a 60 day challenge or a 5MPH increase challenge or something like that so let me know in the comments what type of challenge you would be interested in and we will do it together!

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