Should A Beginner Take Basic Golf Lessons?

Now clearly as a golf coach who makes part of a living through teaching golf, the obvious answer for me is yes, of course a beginner should take lessons to learn the basics of golf.  But, the way things work now with modern technology, a lesson is no longer sitting down with a golfer or going to the practice range with them and teaching them as I generally have in the past.  Online video lessons WILL help you get better at golf.

The one thing I would suggest you avoid doing is just going out on the golf course and banging balls around and trying to teach yourself.  I’ve spent the past 17 years undoing bad habits that golfers pick up throughout their time in the game of just trying it out their own way.

So, if you’re learning to play the game from scratch then you can learn how to do it properly.  You don’t have to undo all those bad habits.  That’s the fastest way to learn correctly, take lessons from stage one.


Now the other thing I would often suggest is stop listening to your playing partners and your friends because I get A LOT of golfers who say, my friends have told me this and my playing partner told me how to do this.  And my question back to them usually sounds like “What does your playing partner doing for a living?”  And they will answer “Well, they are in Real Estate.”  So, I say to them, “Well I’m a terrible realtor and I don’t have any qualifications to sell houses, would you trust me to sell your house for top dollar?  Of course, not.”  So, stick to people that know what they’re doing.  Most golf coaches are good players, but most good players are NOT qualified golf coaches.  Furthermore, taking advice from a player that doesn’t usually break 90 is likely not in your best interest because they probably aren’t looking at the root of what ails you.


When you start playing golf, I would clearly encourage you to take lessons right from stage one.  Find a good golf coach and stick with them.  Learn how to swing the golf club on the practice range then take those skills out on to the golf course. A teaching professional near you is a Google search away. If you are out of season or want the convenience of a coach that will come to you, online lessons are a perfect solution. Online instruction is the best way to bridge the gap between spending long hours on the range or practice are with somebody looking over your shoulder. It gives you the freedom to have all the information you need sent to you and then you can train and practice at your convenience and get advice from your coach along the way.